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Gym Etiquette

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Do you know the rules of a gym? Different types of gyms have different communities

and rules but there are many general etiquette practices that are the same at most gyms!

If you don’t want to be the jerk in the gym, practice the following:

-Rerack Your Weights

When you use a dumbbell, barbell, machine—put the weights and equipment back. Even if someone else left it out, be the person who always puts their weights back. Your mom doesn’t work at the gym. PS Put plates away with other plates of the same type. You should never put different sized plates with each other.

-Dumbbell Rack

Don’t stand right in front of the rack, blocking access to the other weights, OR right in front of other people who are using the area. Step back, enough to give people a few feet of space to reach other dumbbells.

-Wipe Off Your Sweat

If you sweat on something, wipe it down. Gyms have wipes and spray bottles throughout the gym for this use.

-Personal Space and Awareness

Try to maintain a respectful distance from other people. Be aware of the space

and sharing areas with others. Try not to leave bags or other personal items anywhere someone might potentially trip over or taking up workout space.

-Share Equipment

When it’s busy, it’s common practice to “work in” with other people. Allow

someone to use the same machine or set of dumbbells during your rest periods, when necessary. If people are waiting for something that you can’t share, minimize you time with it. Be aware if someone might be using something and coming back. A loaded bar, towel on a piece of equipment, etc. probably means someone is using it.


Don’t walk right in front of someone who is snatching, clean and jerking, or attempting a very heavy lift on a platform. They could fail and injure you if you are in the way, not to mention it is very distracting and potentially dangerous for them to lose concentration as well.


Smell your best! No one wants to smell your 3 day old gym clothes… be

respectful of others and try to maintain acceptable grooming standards.


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