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My name is Jaime Chase and I have been a personal trainer since 2013. During that time, I have assisted both men and women in building strength, gaining muscle, and losing fat. My favorite part of the job? Helping others realize how f*cking strong they are! Lifting weights builds muscle and looks great... but more importantly produces confidence and mental strength.

My mission is to build real relationships with my clients, in order to support them in creating necessary habits to be successful in training and ultimately, in reaching fitness goals.


Whether you are new to working out and want to learn how to confidently strength train and build muscle, or you are an experienced strength athlete, my knowledge and experience can support you in achieving your strength ambitions.

Chase | Strength!




"Jaime is invested in every single one of her clients/athletes. With her coaching style, you can tell she truly cares about your progress and well-being. She takes the time to get to know you and understand your fitness goals. She’s full of energy and brings that enthusiasm to every single training session or group fitness class. 


She is so extremely knowledgeable on fitness, technique, programming, and overall health and wellness. She explains technique in a way that’s easy for individuals of all skill levels to understand. She’s tough and pushes me through workouts, always challenging me to push pass my limits. Her programming works! My husband and I have been following her programming for 7 months now and have both seen big results in our max lifts, body compositions, mobility, and overall fitness. It’s challenging, fun, and no day is ever the same. I would highly recommend Jaime as a personal trainer for anyone! She’s a great coach for those just wanting to get started on a fitness routine and, on the other hand, can help the best athletes reach a new milestone or goal."


—  Andrea Glass